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“Why Cubans Dislike Us.”

To the Editor of The New York Times:

Permit me to give my explanation of the facts which make the Cubans, and many other Latin Americans, hate you in return for favors you have done them. The Cubans feel grateful for the lot of good you have done them. But what irritates them, what makes them hate you, what prompts them even to insult your Consuls, is the fact that you humiliate them, you make them feel that they are under heavy obligations to you. You are always bragging about the favors you did or do them.

Any American that goes to a South American country has the silly and stupid idea that he can do as he pleases and that he is better than the people around him. He does not take any pains to keep his idea to himself, either, therefore he soon is disliked and even hated. You should not blame anybody for this hatred but yourselves. Do not mention too often the Monroe Doctrine: say less about the “favors” you did them; do not interfere with their affairs, and you will soon notice a great change.

J.L. Armas

New York, Sept. 2, 1912.


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