Romney is the Organization Man the CIA Needs: A Rhyme

What’s next for Willard Mitt? Well, he’s going to rest up for a bit. But don’t think he’s going to be M.I.A. Next up for him: Director of the C.I.A.

You may think that idea crazy, or implausible at least, but Romney’s the man who can tame the Langley beast.

He’s a proven manager, lacking any military background and a great institutional fit for an organization that distrusts the army brass. (Besides, he’s not going to chase any ass.)

Romney loves drones, as he has made clear; the president’s foreign policy he holds so dear, while his buttoned-down style will inspire fear. Who better than a man that buffoonish governor called a “vulture,” to head up a clandestine crew of agents and infiltrate your culture?

Russia is our number-one geostrategic foe, as Mitt wanted us all to know. Of course, he was just saying so. In any case, and whatever the price, Mitt Romney will not make nice. What an olive branch Obama could offer to the 47 percent of the electorate who wanted Mitt Romney and offer him the directorate?


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