Samuel Clemens, Eco-Warrior

In the spirit of random observation, here is an old chestnut from the southern gentleman while he was riding the rails around Australia:

There is nothing like surface-mining to snatch the graces and beauties and benignities [sic] out of a paradise, and make an odious and repulsive spectacle of it.

Before you scream at me for editing him, it must be said that “benignities” is not a word; perhaps ought to be, but it is not, and maybe was not then, either. (Emphases are mine.)

Makes one wonder what Mark Twain would have made of hydraulic fracturing, so allow me to make an attempt… “The famous process by which a vampiric drill poisons the common waters so that the buffoons in Washington can claim we are now freed from the market dictates of distant Emirates.”

There is no way to compare notes with him, unfortunately. So it is.


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